...I am The Element Of The Universe
That Stretches Far'est And Beyond The Scatters Of Creation,
Beyond The Milky-Way And Scientific Unfounds...Brew the zest of cap waves, in the world of Kay Dee!

Dr Sipho P. Malapane, DD

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The  sky is not the limit… we’ve discovered the space as well!

Dr. Sipho P. Malapane, DD

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Author   Motivational Speaker   Preacher   Counselor   Entrepreneur

Email: siphomalapane@yahoo.com

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I am the element of the universe…

That stretches  far’est and beyond the scatters of  creation;

Beyond the  Milky-Way and scientific unfounds…

(The creed Of Epistles)


An empire of faith beckons the faithfull… (Faith Of The Faithfull)

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